Re: How do I start GNOME without E?!

I wrote:
> > 
> > I just installed GNOME from rpms and found out that gnome-session
> > wants to use E as the default window manager. 
 I gather the information for what window manager to [use] is
> > stored in some config file, but where?
> > 
> > Could someone show me what to tweak?
> > 
---Tim Lewis <> wrote in reply:
> I believe the file you seek is /usr/share/default.session.  Open it
> change the 'enlightenment' entry to windowmaker.  Be sure it is the
> of the executable and it is on your path.  Should do it.

Unfortunately, GNOME still didn't start, Instead I got the error


Unable to connect to server port 35091
This generally means that the program could not talk to the esound

Priority 00:  Starting     Id = default0
Priority 00:  Cloning      Id = default0
Priority 00:  Registering  Id = (null)

Of course gnome-session can't connect to esound, since I don't have
it, but how do I tell gnome-session not try to connect to esound?


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