more session manager wobblies

I was running netscape and had looked at an adode .PDF file with the
viewer plugin. I reboot and start X again, and up pops a copy of the
acroread app. 

Also, since, according to the Todo file, gnome-session can't start
remote apps properly, would it be psoosible to make it not restart
them locally. An extra hald dozen xterms and emacs are not really
helpful, and, I would submit, more wrong than not starting them at

Another annoying thing is that netscape seems stuck on this one page
that I visited weeks ago in spite of using save-session or using the
panel logout dozens of time since wasn't bad enough, I now have to
contend with any odd plugin I run in netscape.

This is with the CVS circa Feb 27.

I'm beginning to think this whole session management thing is a bad
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