Re: Did GNOME go 1.0 too early?

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999 wrote:

> No, I believe his problem was that he said he's using SuSE, but the RPMS
> were built for a Red Hat system. I've not used SuSE yet, but I'm pretty
> sure that their packages are not interchangeable.

Yes, that's the problem. And I don't trust those SuSE 6.0 packages that
are out. I applaud their efforts, but the guys who made them really
screwed up with the 0.30 packages, so I am extra careful.

I did get Gnome to work using a combination of RedHat RPMs and their imlib
RPM, but, well, let's just say it worked less than optimal - And I want to
compile the stuff myself to see if it's a problem of the RPMs, or a
general Gnome problem.

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