RE: enlightenment themes?

Ctrl-Alt-b hides those icons for me.:)

If you don't like this method, you can always edit the user_main.cfg, which is
in your ~/enlightenment/config/. But you may want to copy this to your own
/.enlightenment directory then edit that copy. This used to work at one time or
another, but I haven't tried in a while, so YMMV.


On 02-Mar-99 Federico David Sacerdoti wrote:
> Hi,
> I heared the name "GNOME" on an NPR (national public radio) broadcast and
> was pretty pyched. They were talking about Linux vs. Microsoft, blah,
> blah, the melodramatic battle which will give MS a run for its money...
> whatever. But it was very nice to hear them say GNOME.
> The real reason for this post is related to the issue quoted below. I was
> wondering if there is an easy was to modify E themes so that the
> configuration buttons do not appear. For example, some great themes
> obscure my panel with "exit" and "restart" buttons. Is there a way to
> customize the themes so that those buttons do not appear? That would be
> very useful to me.
> Thanks,
> -FDS

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