Re: gdm submission

Quoting Todd Graham Lewis <>:
> On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> > Ctrl-Alt-Del for login was/is always a bad idea. In all operating systems
> > BUT winblowz (Or should that be OT old technology) ctrl alt delete reboots
> > the computer. This is an expected thing. If you hit ctrl alt del and it does
> > something different it confuses people. Microsoft in the different windows
> > changed what control alt delete does 3 different times. Lets not get into
> > that habbit. Why would any one want to hit control alt delete to login when
> > you can just be prompted by a nice pritty login box right away?
> Because I have many NT users at MindSpring who are on the verge of converting,
> and no OS/2 users.  If you don't like my stuff, then don't use it.  8^)

Sounds to me like a job for a config option....

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