Re: GDM, and how to use it]

Thanks for illuminating my blind-spot; I'll run GDM and check the
messages file.  If I see anything tell-tale I refer it to the list for

Andrew Clausen wrote:
> Tim Lewis wrote:
> > Hello All:
> > Last night I tried using GDM.  I began by trying it from the command
> > line. It started up a teal screen, totally blank, and stopped there.  I
> > read through the gdm manual in /usr/doc/gdm and verified all was well
> > against that document.  Everything seems OK.  According to the manual,
> > it seems to stop at authentication (this was noted at the terminal,
> > 'CTR_ALT_F1'), before putting up a login window.  I checked /usr/var/gdm
> > (??) and looked at the auth file and it had a short string with my
> > machine name and NO_MAGIC_COOKIE (or something like that.  BTW, I did
> > try it the traditional way from inittab as well.  Any help would be
> > appreciated.
> Did you try looking in the log file (/var/log/messages)?
> Andrew Clausen

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