Re: The Loss of my Gnomeppp dialer

The program is called gnome-ppp. It's released in the gnome-network 1.0.2

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Peter Cague (Internet) wrote:

> Hi
> I remember having a ppp dialer when I installed my system I think
> it maybe have been in the 5.2 install but I have upgraded to 6.0 and
> it's
> no in my menu anymore,  can somebody please tell me which of the
> Gnome file it would have been in and what the file would be called
> so as I might search and see if it's still on my system or I can
> reinstall
> it.
> I will need help also with giveing use's permission to run it as last
> time
> pppd didn't work on non root users.
> Cheers
> KiwiPete
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