Re: GNOME Summary, June 7-14

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <> writes:

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Lill <> writes:
    Tony> Here's a question, how does one go about changeing the SM
    Tony> interface?  The problem that lead me into looking at the
    Tony> session manager is that the session manager has no idea what
    Tony> host the client is running on.

    Tom> Normally you don't extend the SM interface.  However, we
    Tom> occasionally have to because it is so lame.

    Tom> For this particular case, the xsm session manager already
    Tom> defines an extension that can be used to do what you want.  I
    Tom> think we ought to adopt the same convention.  This is already
    Tom> on the gnome-session to-do list.

Are you referring to the _XC_RestartService set by the smproxy? I
tried adding that to the list of properties saved by gsm, and it
doesn't apprear to be set. Mind you, I have no real idea how gsm and
smproxy interact, so that may just be my ignorence, or our version of
smproxy doesn't act the same as the standard (although the
RestartService code is in there).

I tried running xsm to see if it at least knows which apps are
non-local, but it hung during a checkpoint. If someone out there uses
it, and has non-local clients, could you look in the session save file 
and see if the RestartService porperty is being set?

    Tom> We could change libgnomeui to automatically set this property
    Tom> when required.

Doesn't help non-gnome apps.

    Tony> Then there's the UserId property. The spec also says "On
    Tony> POSIX-based systems this will contain the the user's name
    Tony> (the pw_name field of struct passwd)." In reality, on a
    Tony> local linux box it works, but on a remote one, you get the
    Tony> uid number, making it useless for doing something like "rsh
    Tony> -l username host cmd".

    Tom> I don't understand why this would happen.  The code to set
    Tom> UserId looks correct to me.  Can you find out why this fails
    Tom> for you?

I'll see what I can discover.
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