Re: Don't overlook Simplicity.

Bob Taylor <> writes:

| I don't think "dumb or lazy" is appropriate labels for the vast majority
| of Windows users. Ignorant is a more accurate label. After all, their total

This is very true and I think we are only shooting ourself in the foot
if we lay it out so that they can stay ignorant. That is, at least
expect them to be able and really read the documentation / help. This
is something most do not do. I don't know how many times I've got the
question: How do I do that? and then discover that the one asking
haven't even bothered to press the help button right in front of
him. These are M$ users. 

One reason here can be that the help system of Windows is very poor,
and that the manuals that follow the programs are far to huge for a
person to even bother/have time to reading them. 

We still expect people to learn how to drive a car, why shouldn't we
expect them to learn how to use a computer which is far more complex?
If there is proper documentation available.

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