Re: Don't overlook Simplicity.

In message <>, Michael ROGERS writes:
> >The simple fact about average desktop users (those who need everything
> >spoon fed to them) is that anything that takes more than 4 or 5 clicks
> >or any typing to do is too hard for them.
> People this dumb or lazy will never move away from Windows, because they'll 
> either assume all computers crash twice a day, or they'll come across the 
> first obstacle ("Why can't Emacs read my Word 97 documents?") and give up. 
> They are Windows' natural prey and there is no hope for them.

I don't think "dumb or lazy" is appropriate labels for the vast majority
of Windows users. Ignorant is a more accurate label. After all, their total
knowledge of computers comes from Microsoft's marketing department. I do
believe there is hope for most of them.

> Let's make Gnome easy to use, but not at the expense of power and efficiency.

I see no reason why we can't have both. In fact I would demand both from
any software I purchase.


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