Re: Don't overlook Simplicity.

On 17-Jun-99 Michael ROGERS wrote:
> who know nothing about computers and people who know what they're
> doing and 
> want to do it quickly can use the same software. Software that is

I fully agree with that. What about setups, that differ in
functionality. E.g. you choose USER and there is no possibility to
format a disc with 2.88M, but when you choose EXPERT you can fully
access all routines?
Place this global and the user who only can use his TV and wants to
surf in the trendy internet now is satisfied. ;-)

The first action the EXPERT does, when he compiled a new GNOME is to
set it in EXPERT mode.

>>> Let's make Gnome easy to use, but not at the expense of power and
>>> efficiency.
>>I see no reason why we can't have both. In fact I would demand both
>>any software I purchase.
> I think there's a trade-off between features and performance.
> Obviously you
> want at least some of each. :)

You really have to decide where you draw the line between features
that are usefull and features that are useful for marketing purposes!

I personally think that everybody loves features that are usefull and
enhance the productivity.



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