Re: Theory question on desktop and gmc

>> It may be a good idea to do the separation you propose.  Right now the
>> file manager is being rewritten/cleaned up so that we can have a
>> better organization.
>	I don't think this is a good idea, actualy I think it is a bad one. The
>desktop should, and even thougth it resides in the same app (gmc) it
>does not now, act exactly as a folder act. And for me itīs a bad idea to
>have two programs doing basicly the same thing.

The desktop can't behave exactly like a directory - for one thing, mouse
actions will be different since window managers are going to want to steal
some of the mouse clicks for themselves. However, I don't think the desktop
*should* act like a directory. The Windows idea of integrating the desktop 
with the file manager with the web browser is crap, and Gnome shouldn't 
imitate it. Desktop shortcuts to directories and devices are useful. (Panel
launchers provide the same functionality as Windows application shortcuts so
desktop shortcuts to applications aren't needed) A desktop cluttered with 
random files is not useful - why not just open a file manager window in your 
home directory and dump them there instead.

Michael Caffei^H^H^H^H^H^HRogers

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