Re: GMC and Root Access [suggestion]

James Green wrote:
> In the last two days I have had the need to use GMC. Firstly, a bug
> report:
> I have a series of files stored on a DOS partition written to by NT4. As
> NT4 uses long filenames, all is well with GMC and the cmd line 'rm'
> commands until either comes across a file beginning '- ' (dash space blah)
> at which point GMC reports a permissions error occured (run as root) while
> 'rm' says no arguement allowed or something. NOTE that MC correctly
> manages to delete the file, GMC and 'rm' don't.

Hehe, yet another reason to never run GMC as root.  I'd hate to see what
would happen if trying to delete a file starting with "-Rf /".  :)

> OK, now the suggestion. In the above instance, and in the current instance
> (I need to install an RPM from the RH disk) gmc needs to be run as root.
> Rather than me having to open an rxvt, su root <password> and run gmc
> (which gives the following error btw:

Yeah, there ought to be a way to temporarily switch to root mode.  I
would certainly consider it useful.

Jesse D. Sightler

"Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend's forehead." 
      - Chinese Proverb

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