Re: Some Thoughts/Rewrite of specs

Michael ROGERS wrote:
> >This approach is too simplistic - using the window layers that the present
> >spec has works fine, and allows for more complex situations.
> I disagree - under the present system, the panel, dock etc. are either above
> or below "normal" windows, so maximised windows will either cover or be
> covered by the panel. My proposal is not intended to replace layers, but to
> allow various applications to define areas of the screen which should not be
> covered by a maximised window. I think WindowMaker has an option for this,
> called something like "maximised windows should not cover dock or clip".

Icewm will not maximize windows with (layer < dock) over windows where
(layer == dock)
(docked windows also have to occupy all workspaces for this to work,
because icewm only
supports a single work area for now).

... GUI: WPS.

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