Re: Configuration problems - what have I done?

On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Andrew Harvie wrote:

->I'm experiencing some annoying problems with Gnome - sure hope that 
->someone can help.
->Background:  Red Hat Linux 6.0 on a Celeron 350 - new machine
->The problem only occurs when I'm logged in as root.  Using gnome as 
->any other configured user is fine.  This is what makes me think that 
->the problem has to do with configuration.  Oddly, _sometimes_ I can 
->log in as another user - start Gnome, log out, log in as root and 
->everything will be fine.  
->The symptoms:
->1)  verrryyy slow start up of Gnome.  Applications run fine once it 
->does start
->2)  Cannot cut and paste reliably in Gnotepad+.  Sometimes works, 
->but usually will report that it paste was successful, but nothing 
->actually gets pasted into the document
->3)  Cannot shut-down from the menu.  Have to stop Gnome with 

My advice.
Don't log in to Gnome as root. Always as a user. if you need root access
to stuff, open a terminal, su to root, and run Gnotepad, gmc, whatever you
need from that terminal. This limits potential damage, and will prevent
such problems as you are having. (root's ~/.gnome not being the same as or
as up to date as your user's ~/.gnome.

Bad things may happen running X as root.

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