Re: Another GMC request...

These are called Spring-Loaded Folders I think.

Ben Frantzdale wrote:

> I remember the first time I saw MacOS8. I don't particularly like the
> MacOS, but one cool feature was this: if you drag a file over a folder and
> wait for a second, the folder is opened, allowing the user to drag and
> drop a file to anywhere without opening the destination first.
> This makes the traditional drag and drop/folder analogy look like this: To
> move a piece of paper (real world now) from one folder to another I'd have
> to find where it is, then find where I want to put it, then, with both
> folders open, move the piece of paper. Obviously in real life, one would
> take the piecc of paper ou (drag) then find where it is going and put it
> there.)
> This would be especially usefull in GMC because (unlike mac and win I
> think) GMC shows a ".." directory, so one could coppy a file from
> /abc/def/ghi/ to /abc/def/xyz/ in one drag by opening the /abc/def/ghi/
> directory and draging the file to ".." then to "xyz"
> --Ben
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