Re: Gnome session mgmt vs WindowMaker-gnome session mgmt (Debian Potato)

In message <19990608104249.B5308@jab.home>, Sarel Botha writes:
| > As I understand it, all the Window Manager has to go on when is restoring
| > windows is the title of the window, and its class.  So what happens if,
| I think each window has a name and a title, the title is displayed, but the n
| ame hidden, containing maybe more data. Take a look at Eterm + irc themes for

WM_NAME, WM_CLASS, WM_TITLE.  That's basically it; and from my experience
configuring fvwm (which allows use of all three), it's not enough.  Session
management, OTOH, has the use of session management state files that can hold 
arbitrary information if needed.

(For instance, the triplet doesn't deal with multiple copies of applications
on different workspaces unless you use the Tk hack of WM_NAME 'app', 'app
#2', 'app #3', etc. --- which breaks use of WM_NAME to distinguish an
application when WM_TITLE is e.g. a filename.  Not to mention breaking X
resources, which use WM_NAME.)

Let's just say that X11's window management spec is a little underpowered,
and the sorry state of "ICCCM-compliant" window managers is evidence of it.
(Perhaps GNOME should take the lead in producing a *usable* ICCCM-derived
window manager spec.)

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