Re: Gnome session mgmt vs WindowMaker-gnome session mgmt (Debian Potato)

>>>>> "PR" == Preben Randhol <> writes:

    PR> No problem, just turn off management in WindowMaker and let
    PR> gnome do it. (If I understand your request right then)

Right -- the problem is that GNOME doesn't do it quite as
well... (i.e.  doesn't place apps in the proper workspaces, just
everything in the root, irregardless of where it was when the session
was checkpointed...)

    PR> Last I tried Gnome session (v. 1.0.1) one couldn't tell the
    PR> session manager to stop saving my apps. Each time I started I
    PR> got a new xbiff up which really was run on a different machine
    PR> through ssh, but the manager ran it locally

That's the other problem.  But I'm sure it'll change with maturity


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