Re: unwanted bolding in gnome-terminal

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 06:09:18AM -0500, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > I just upgraded some gnome packages and now I find that gnome-term is
> > bolding some colors in jed and slrn that it didn't before.  Further, I see
> > no indication in any of the color schemes that bolding is intended.  It
> > looks really awful. How do I turn this "feature" off?

> It was a bug in older gnome-terminal.  It was not setting the bold
> font, so bold text was using the regular font.  You can just use a
> font that has no bold equivalent.

Thanks for the response.

I'm using -sony-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-*-150-*-*-c-*-iso8859-1 which has no
bold equivalent.  It's still being bolded.  It looks like it's doing it by
overwriting the font.  It does the same for the vga font, which definitely
has no bold equivalent.  In BitchX this results in really smeared text.

Also I see no indication in the color schemes of jed that bold
fonts are intended.  For jed my color scheme is as follows:

$1 = "white"; $2 = "black";
set_color("menu", "white", "blue");    % menu bar  
set_color("normal", $1, $2);	       % default fg/bg  
set_color("status", "yellow", "blue"); % status or mode line  
set_color("region", "yellow", "blue"); % for marking regions  
set_color("operator", $1, $2);	       % +, -, etc..  
set_color("number", "yellow", $2);     % 10, 2.71,... TeX formulas  
set_color("comment", "brightcyan", $2);    % /* comment */  
set_color("string", "brightgreen", $2);    % "string" or 'char'  
set_color("keyword", "brightred", $2); % if, while, unsigned, ...  
set_color("keyword1", "green", $2);    % malloc, exit, etc...  
set_color("delimiter", $1, $2);	       % {}[](),.;...  
set_color("preprocess", "magenta", $2);% #ifdef ....  
set_color("message", "brightblue", $2);      % color for messages    
set_color("error", "brightred", $2);   % color for errors  
set_color("dollar", "magenta", $2);    % color dollar sign continuat$  
set_color("...", "red", $2);	       % folding indicator  

Oddly, magenta is not being bolded.

Dave Cook

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