an enlightenment question

I know this isn't the place to ask this, but there doesn't seem to be an
enlightenment list for this sort of thing.

I've seen a dock-like "thing" in some themes...I can't remember which
ones (the ones I thought I remembered it in don't work anymore)...does
anyone know what it is/what it does/if I was on crack when I thought I
saw it?

also, is it just me or does enlightenment seem to be trying to draw away
from gnome?

I thought that gnome was supposed to be desktop environment stuff so
that a window manager could ignore it.  Here it is DR15 and there's a
separate pager, which, while pretty, is a bit incongruous and takes up
tons of screen real estate, whereas the gnome pager works nicely and
looks pretty good.  

in addition, part of the "for the future" stuff to be included in DR16
was mention of a file manager.  what's up with gmc?  is this another

stop me if I'm on the wrong track, this is just stuff I'm a little fuzzy
- The Hitchhiker

"The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false.  The opposite of a
great truth is also true."
				-Neils Bohr

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