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Most people, I think, want to work WITH their computer,
not work ON it, at least most of the time.

I, for example, want to use my computer to do things
such as build web pages, help people in the adoption
triad, etc.

This list has not been helpful to me in doing that.
I have recently upgraded from RedHat 5.2 to 6.0
using the RedHat CD.

I have the following problems with the GNOME/Enlightenment

1. Most of the time it will not log out and I am forced to
do a ctrl-alt-backspace to get out.
2. It regularly loses the panel.
3. Sometimes it is very slow to load.

I have seen a few emergency recovery notes (run panel & from
a terminal, etc) posted but no real fixes. There seems to
be an ftp site where upgrades are available for 6.0 but
no real information as to whether these may be appropriate
fixes or not.

There is a real need for some organization here that
will be useful to the user. And as someone else wrote
here a while back, if Linux/GENOME/Enlightenment is
going to give other OSs a run for their money
is MUST become user friendly.

Any suggestions, fixes, etc., for the problems I mentioned
above will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Frank Arnold

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