Re: aa version of the canvas problem said:
// Maybe you want to call gnome_canvas_item_request_update( ellipse);
//  to request a redraw.
I had already tried that (though I know it should not be necessary), but 
actualy it did not worked better :(

// But it's strange. It should start visible. I use an aa-canvas and do
// not need to request an update.
Yes, for exemple in gnome-libs/test-gnome, aa items start vidible as expected, 
but in my case, the canvas is created and showed then canvas items are added

// Which version of gnome-libs are you using? 
one I compiled 2 days ago from cvs.

Did you tried to compile the example I attached in my previous mail ?
Did it work with your version of gnome-libs ?

Thanks for your help,

Best wishes,


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