Re: how to parse output of an external program execution?

Jamin Philip Gray wrote:

> > >Is there a away to execute an external program and parse it's output using the
> > >gnome-libs?
> >
> > This is a little vague.
> >
> > You can run an external program and retrieve its output using the popen()
> > function in the standard C library. 'man popen' for info.
> >
> > Any parsing should be pretty much independant of running the external
> > program - you'd need to say what data you want to parse in order for us to
> > tell you whether the parser is in GNOME or not :)
> What I'm doing is calling a program that generates text (XML).  I want to parse
> the output of an external program that generates XML.

In addition to popen, I suggest you look into the gnome-xml libs then.  This should
get you up and running.



David Orme                                       LINUX... already goes there               :-)

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