Re: changing gdm properties

I also find it very appealing to offer users of my computer a display prompt
that would be sleek in appearance, and yet abundant in capability.

I'm using xdm currently, since I cannot get gdm to boot.  I would be
interested in knowing where to find good resources dealing with the subject
of modifying the appearance of xdm.  Has anyone come across such

I do admit I have not begun to search.  Perhaps I could find all I need, but
would appreciate any help that the list's members have to spare.


Mike Dickson [] wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> When I had 5.2 installed, I used XDM with some neat trickery to create a 
> nice looking login screen. Now that I've upgraded to 6.0, though, it's 
> been replaced with what i assume is gdm. I like that there is now a choice 
> of environment at startup, and that I can shutdown the machine, all from the 
> login prompt. 
> The problem is, it looks like crap on my login screen. Can anyone tell me 
> if there is a way to change the appearance and position of the login box? 
> Essentially, all I want is everything to be black, except for the two 
> entries and the two buttons, and the text should be white. This will allow 
> it to appear as if there is no box at all, which is what I'm looking for. 
> In the past I used /etc/X11/xdm/Xresources to control this, but it doesn't 
> appear to have any effect on the login box for gdm.

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