Re: gnome-print, how to get it working?

> Is there any kind soul out therewho would give me a hint on how to install
> gnome-print properly (it always complains about missing Times and
> Helvetica fonts). I'm on a RH 6.0 here and as such have the urw-fonts
> installed (as suggested on Raph's help page on this matter). I tried to do
> it the way Raph suggested on this page, but didn't succeed.

Are you using gnome-print-0.4?  This is so strange, because I have
installed that on my Laptop that runs Red Hat 6.0 as well.

> BTW, Miguel, is there any chance to see some (pre-alpha) version of bonobo
> as a tarball in this millenium (or some date, with which checked out CVS
> code would be something close to stable (i.e.: if you don't use the bonobo
> thing, e.g. gnumeric won't crash more than without bonobo at all))?

Yes, there is.

We basically want to get the menu/toolbar stuff done before the
release, and Nat Friedman is working full speed on this.

Bonobo 0.1, unlike other GNOME components will ship initially with API
documentation ;-).  Thanks to the inline api convention that we are
now following, Nat's extraordinaire efforts and gtk-doc. 

Revolutionary, isn't it?


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