Gnumeric 0.30 is out

Hello guys,

   Gnumeric 0.30 has been release.

   Basically, the printing bits in Gnumeric have impacted lots of
places in the code, so we are fixing those problems to offer you the
best spreadsheet experience.

   So I am making sure that the vital problems are solved as soon as

* Availability

* New features in this release

	* Jukka added Bernoulli distribution and Random number
	  generation tools. 

	* Jukka finished the Rank and Percentile tools.

	* Jody updated the splitting-text routine so that it behaves
	  better under multi-line situations. 

	* Jukka documented his other tools and updated some of the
	  data analyisis tools. 

	* Raja made sure configure runs properly on non-bash shells.

  	* Fixed important problems regarding font handling.

	* Various updates to the Excel loader code from Jody and

	* New font-selector widget, changing and configuring fonts
	  should be working again.

	* Loading and saving of the default user printing preferences
	  should work now.

	* Customizable headers and footers are supported (same formats
	  as Excel supports).  I will add documentation to this on the
	  next release (hopefully ;-)

	  We do provide an extension though, we let the tags on the
	  formats take an argument, like this: &[DATE:ddd-yyyy] which
	  lets you control the format of the DATE and TIME tags
	  (unlike some other lame proprietary spreadsheets that limit
	  you :-).

	* EPS exporter from Rasca.
	* Kjartan as usual translated the whole thing to Norwegian,
	  making Norwegian the best supported language in Gnumeric

	* Jody added exceptions to the various CORBA operations that
	  might split an array.

	* New function from Jody =TRANSPOSE() for matrixes.

* Volunteers requested

   If you want to contribute to Gnumeric but have not found a way to
do so, a good way of doing so would be to keep the Gnumeric
documentation updated as more features are added to the system.
Please, do not hessitate to contact me.


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