Re: Bookmark Daemon

"Fox, Kevin M" <> writes:

| Well, A common bookmark format would be nice, but has one limitation. With
| bookmarkd, bookmarkd can transparently be updated to support things like
| LDAP and group sharing of bookmarks. This is something that a normal file

You can put that as an app-spesific information in the XBEL
file format.

| format can not do. Also, I decided to use corba because it will allow
| bookmarkd to get and set bookmarks from any program regardless of where it
| is, or what programming language it is made in. It is fairly simple for a
| program to be extended to use corba. I am going to be talking with the
| Mnemonic people to see if they would be interested in using bookmarkd
| instead. I am also going to write a patch to lynx to allow it to use
| bookmarkd to store its bookmarks. Then you can share bookmarks between lynx

you would need a lynx with corba wouldn't you?

| and Mnemonic. :)

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