help with Gnome features

I have just installed Red Hat 6.0 (Intel) and am starting to use Gnome. I
have run into a couple of problems not covered in the User Manual. Can
anyone help?

1. Whenever I log out of Gnome (or one of my users logs out of Gnome, a
core dump is left in the top level of the user directory. Is this just a
bug or do I have a configuration problem? (I am using Enlightenment WM and
my kernel is an smp kernel.)
2. How do I create desktop URL links (i.e. bookmarks). As delivered, the
system has five desktop "URL" icons. (, ......... These are distinguished by the fact that their "properties
window" has an extra panel (URL), and they act as web bookmarks. There is
an option on the desktop menu called "Recreate desktop shortcuts" that
appears to recover these if lost. The files for these (in
~/<user>/.gnome-desktop) is fairly simple (e.g. "URL:"). I can find no documentation on the  "Recreate
desktop shortcuts" or how to make my own desktop bookmarks.
3. The Gnome user manual implies that the desktop menu has an option
""Rescan Mountable Devices", and that mountable devices should appear on
the desktop. My desktop menu has no such option, not do mountable devices
(e.g. /dev/cdrom) appear on the desktop.
4. How do you change the mime type of a specific file? Where are the
attributes (mime type, etc.) stored for individual files?

--dick peskin

R. L. Peskin,  Rutgers Univ.
RLP Consulting <>; <>

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