Re: Desk Guide (was: RE: GNOME Summary, June 28 - July 4)

On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, Nathan Clegg wrote:

> > Tim Janik wrote a new pager applet for us, called Desk Guide. It's
> > smaller and faster than the old pager. You can get it from CVS
> > gnome-core, and presumably it will be in the next release of
> > gnome-core.
> Desk Guide has given me hope for multiple desktops under gnome (dumps core
> every thirty seconds or so, but hey, it's CVS), but I can't help but to

hm, could you run it in gdb and get a stack trace of the core dumps with
gdb's "where" comamnd? it is *not* supposed to produce core dumps ;)

> wonder: will gnome never have a pager that allows dragging applications? 
> This is functionality I greatly miss from fvwm2's pager--just a
> middle-button drag and any app is moved to another screen or even desktop
> without ever having to map it.  Is this every planned for addition?

well, it already supports dragging of *mapped* application windows with
button1 between desktop pages. i may add dragging of apps to another desktop,
once i've figured out the exact implementation details of that ;)

> Nathan Clegg


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