Re: Tab completion in gmc

> forgive me for suggesting this but has anyone noticed the way IE4 handles 
> this issue?

You're forgiven. :)

> It will simply put the characters that it has completed AHEAD of where 
> the user is typing and these characters are selected. If the user keeps 
> on typing then the suggested characters will be typed over.
> This would allow us not to even worry about what to assign the tab key to.

I'm not sure if thats the right way to go.  I've found that automatic
completion is very distracting especially when your putting some new URL
and it keeps throwing suggestions of possible completion.  It's very

I'm still in favor of using emacs-style/vi-style method of navigation.
Seems to me we should just leave it up to the person using the application
and create some sort of global/per app keybinding file for this kind of


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