Re: Tab completion in gmc

>> forgive me for suggesting this but has anyone noticed the way IE4 handles 
>> this issue?
> You're forgiven. :)
>> It will simply put the characters that it has completed AHEAD of where 
>> the user is typing and these characters are selected. If the user keeps 
>> on typing then the suggested characters will be typed over.
>> This would allow us not to even worry about what to assign the tab key to.
> I'm not sure if thats the right way to go.  I've found that automatic
> completion is very distracting especially when your putting some new URL
> and it keeps throwing suggestions of possible completion.  It's very
> intruding.

Yes, that is pretty annoying. The best thing is probably to make this a
configurable accelerator.

I think I would choose the right arrow. It would be a nice and intuitive
key, IMHO. It means "complete the word, to the right." :)


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