Re: gdm and FreeBSD/shadow passwords

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Housel <> writes:

Peter> At the moment gdm doesn't seeom to work on FreeBSD because it
Peter> uses shadow passwords.  

I have no non-PAM shadow boxes so I don't know what kind of magic is
necessary. From the shadow example code it looks fairly easy, though.

Patches are welcome :) Otherwise I'll have a go at it when I'm done
implementing XDMCP support.

Peter> Could the password check be moved into the daemon or something
Peter> else done to make gdm usable on FreeBSD?

The password check *is* done by the daemon. 

The previous shadow password discussion on this list was about finding
a reliable way to determine whether users should appear in the browser
or not.  The greeter runs as a non-priviledged user and thus a
password length criteria is useless.


Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK

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