Re: xgettext does not get all messages for translations

> The problem is that some strings are found only in defines and
> xgettext IGNORES DEFINES! For example "Settings" are not going to be
> translated anywhere, because the only place you will find that string is in 
> gnome-libs/libgnomeui/gnome-app-helper.h and it is in the define:

This is worse than we thought originally.

The problem is that even if we manage to put a copy of all the strings
in a regular C file to use, the construct:


Is evaluated in the context of the application (ie, it uses the
gettext macro) instead of the correct dgettext (which includes the
domain, in this case gnome-libs).

The current hack I am commiting to CVS is:

    1. declare all macros to use an externally provided string.
    2. Translate those strings in gnome-app-helper
    3. Compare each menu entry against those values

The question is: does dgettext (string, DOMAIN) fallback to gettext
(string) if the string is not available in DOMAIN?


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