xgettext does not get all messages for translations

I was working on translations and discovered that some strings did not
get in the $(PACKAGE).pot and , as a result, into the *.po files

The problem is that some strings are found only in defines and
xgettext IGNORES DEFINES! For example "Settings" are not going to be
translated anywhere, because the only place you will find that string is in 
gnome-libs/libgnomeui/gnome-app-helper.h and it is in the define:

        { GNOME_APP_UI_SUBTREE, N_("_Settings"), NULL, tree, NULL, NULL, \
                (GnomeUIPixmapType) 0, NULL, 0, (GdkModifierType) 0, NULL }
#define GNOME_MENU_SETTINGS_STRING _("_Settings")
#define GNOME_MENU_SETTINGS_PATH _("_Settings/")

Overall, there are 21 strings that xgettext ignores in gnome-libs
and all in gnome-app-helper.h

     Sergey Panov 

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