Re: gtcd bug

In gated.gnome-list, you wrote:
>Quoting Michael K. Johnson <>:
>> I played a disk in gtcd, then ejected it and put in a new one, but gtcd
>> still thought it was the old disk.  I couldn't get gtcd to download the
>> new cddb entry without quitting and restarting.
>> michaelkjohnson
>I bet you ejected via the cdrom eject button, not from gtcd, right? This
>is a general weakness in the linux kernel cdrom drivers (which I just
>happen to know something about ;). Basically, the ATAPI standard didn't
>provide a method of notifying the OS that a CD was changed, and I was
>unwilling to add any ugly polling routines to the cdrom drivers to see
>if the disc had changed.

Actually, this happens when using the eject button from gtcd
as well. Rather generic TEAC ATAPI cdrom, if that makes any difference.
(In fact, gtcd's holding the device open so I *can't* eject the
cdrom using the cdrom's own eject button...)


>Eventually, our friends at Microsoft added in a proprietary ATAPI
>extension to provide this information. This stuff was later folded into
>SFF 8090, which has now been incorporated into the SCSI-3 MMC-2 spec.
>Anyway, I never added in support for this stuff into the ide-cd driver
>(which I'm assuming here that you are using).
>If you would like to hack the kernel a bit this would be a nice, not
>too difficult project. I'd be happy to help you out and comment on your
>work, but I have too much on my plate right now to implement this myself.

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