Re: esd eats 25% cpu?

Ronald de Man <> wrote:

> The problem is not something really obvious in esd. Running esd
> with -as to have it release the sound device after a period of
> inactivity lets the delay disappear the moment the sound device
> is released. But having /dev/dsp open is not enough for the delay
> to exist. It's something weird. It is probably my system. Maybe
> the motherboard (ASUS P55T2P4) or soundcard (Creative ViBRA 16X PnP),
> or the combination.

I just tried downloading esound-0.2.7-2.i386.rpm from raster's daily-snaps
distribution site (
and the problem went away. Have you tried this?


Tony Keating <>
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland
PGP Public Key: finger

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