Re: esd eats 25% cpu?

For the record, my SB 32 AWE PNP does not exhibit this problem.

If you could reconfigure esound with the --enable-debugging option,
run "esd -vt", and see if it's stuck in a loop somewhere.  If so, 
post the repeating section, and I'll see if i can find anything 
suspicious going on.  For bonus points, instrument your code with
some debugging printf's (or use the ESDBG_TRACE macro), and track
down which condition is keeping it from pausing properly.

Ronald de Man wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 26, 1999 at 05:18:22PM +1000, Tony Keating wrote:
> > Anyone else have this problem?
> > When I run "esd &" it eats around 25% of the cpu. I compiled into into an
> > RPM from the esound-0.2.7.tar.gz file. Is the CVS version fixed?
> >
> > Tony.
> >
> I have the same problem and reported it to the list a few months ago.
> It seems to be something specific to our systems. What soundcard are you
> using? Mine is a Creative ViBRA16X PnP.
> The delay is there the moment esd is running. It is not that esd is
> stealing cycles. strace shows that esd is sleeping while waiting for
> some input to process. Most likely it's something with the hardware.
> Starting esd with the option -nobeeps helps, but after playing some
> sound, the delay is there again.
> Running esd through gdb, putting a breakpoint at a certain point
> (right after the startup beeps I think), and continuing from there,
> the delay is absent as well. So it might be possible to solve this
> problem.
> Please tell me what soundcard you are using. And maybe other people
> can test for a delay as well. It is NOT a delay caused by esd playing
> sounds. esd is just doing nothing but the system slows down.
> Ronald
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