Re: New 0.99.3 RPMS available for RH Linux Intel/Sparc/Alpha 5.2

Quantum Seep <> writes:

Try to uninstall the old rpms first. Then reinstall the non-updated packages.
It looks like rpm thinks you are breaking a depandancy but it cannot discover you 
are fixing it at the same time by updating your librairies.

If you do, could you tell me if it works .  

> I downloaded all the new RPMS (every one which had changed in either
> version number or package number from 0.99.2) and tried to install them
> together on one command line.  Here's what I got:
> failed dependencies:
> is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1
> is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1
> is needed by ORBit-0.3.91-2
> is needed by ORBit-devel-0.3.91-2
> is needed by libgtop-0.99.2-1
> is needed by libgtop-examples-0.99.2-1
> is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1
> is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1
> Looks to me like some of these packages are depending on old versions of
> the modules.  All the problems are with packages that have not been
> updated.  Could you possibly rebuild these rpms and release them with an
> incremented package number?
> Also, I wonder why the RPMS are so sensitive to library version numbers.
> Won't gtksamba worth  Isn't it possible to build the
> RPM so that it just requires a particular version *or later* of a
> particular package or library?
I think there is no pb when you install things. Just when you update .


> Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this problem?
> Help is appreciated.
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