Re: New 0.99.3 RPMS available for RH Linux Intel/Sparc/Alpha 5.2

I downloaded all the new RPMS (every one which had changed in either
version number or package number from 0.99.2) and tried to install them
together on one command line.  Here's what I got:

failed dependencies: is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1 is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1 is needed by ORBit-0.3.91-2 is needed by ORBit-devel-0.3.91-2 is needed by libgtop-0.99.2-1 is needed by libgtop-examples-0.99.2-1 is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1 is needed by gtksamba-0.3.2pl1-1

Looks to me like some of these packages are depending on old versions of
the modules.  All the problems are with packages that have not been
updated.  Could you possibly rebuild these rpms and release them with an
incremented package number?

Also, I wonder why the RPMS are so sensitive to library version numbers.
Won't gtksamba worth  Isn't it possible to build the
RPM so that it just requires a particular version *or later* of a
particular package or library?

Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this problem?
Help is appreciated.

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