Re: bug in imlib 1.9.2

> In message <Pine.GSO.3.96.990126112619.24035D-100000@ext1>, Jeff Garzik writes:
> +-----
> | imlib 1.9.2 tarball doesn't seem to think that Solaris supports dynamic
> | linking (it does):
> +--->8

> This is a libtool problem. cc spits out a warning about the source file
> being empty; libtoolize interprets any warnings from its test as a sign that
> shared libraries don't work, because of a bogosity on HP/UX.

Uhm, no, that's the the problem. I guess the configure message isn't very
clear, but what's it's referring to is that dlopen'ed imlib modules aren't
supported, because libtool 1.2d doesn't handle shared library deps. You
still get a fully functional imlib, it's just monolithic.

The real fix is to have libtool handle shared library deps on Solaris, which
CVS libtool has support for. However, this issue is non-critical, IMHO.

> I thought I'd already submitted something to the libtool folks to deal with
> this....

Indeed, it's been there for a while:

671   echo "int some_variable = 0;" > conftest.c
      ^^^^^ no longer an empty .c file for the test


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