Re: Trouble compiling gnome-libs-0.99.4 on Solaris 2.5.1

from the quill of Zach Frey <> on scroll
> Same here -- I've got E and esound both compiled and allegedly working,
> but they don't play nicely together.  I figure when I get more time I'll
> either try to debug it or try the configure option to turn off esound
> support in E.

Yeah, I'm kinda doing the Solaris thing at work on my own time, so sound
effects are not a high priority.  :-)  I turned off sound in E and it works
just fine.

> Well, that's the problem.  I didn't know where to fetch libXpm from.
> But I see now that has libXpm-4.7 (thanks, Matt),
> so I'm downloading it and will be trying again.

I just grabbed source and compiled when I needed so.  I did grab ImageMagick
in binary for imlib.


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