Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

OK.  It would be great if gnome could run on all these machines,  but if
it ran well on these you wouldn't see me using it.  You wouldn't see a lot
of people using it.  It's great that Linux hardly eats the processor. It's
wonderfull to be able to recompile gtk while writing e-mail and not having
massive slowdowns everywhere else.  It's cool that I can take that thing
that's been collecting dust in my closet and make it run some of the
latest applications.  I do however have a nice somewhat fast computer.
(AMD k6-2 350 clocked to 392) and I would like to be able to use each and
every single one of those 392 million clockcycles each second, but I don't
want to waste a single one.  I love enlightenment.  I like to see windows
flying at me.  I like to be able to change the complete look of my
enviroment and I like heering windows go wheeeee boingoingoing.  I can see
how having a pixmap based theme and enlightenment with all its features on
could slow a computer down,  but that wasn't written for a 486.  The point
I'm trying to make is that the gnome people are doing an excellent job of
creating a good customizable interface that will take advantage of my
computer.  If you want a window manager for a 386 fvwm will work just
fine.  If you want an enviroment for a 386 Motif is still around.  To all
the developers thankyou for making my computer cool.  And if someone
thinks that all that is superfluos and the whole project should be scaled
down then they have forgotten that gnome is supposed to make Linux look
good. and it does. besides you can't just please everyone.

Just my 2 cents.  


P.S.  there is a diffrance between .02 cents and $.02 and 2 cents.   

> I think, all things considered, GNOME should shoot to be installed and
> usable on a high end 486 (100MHz DX2) or a low end Pentium (90MHz) with
> 32MB of RAM.  We need to be reasonable and not expect everyone to have a
> high end system just to run GNOME, but in the same vein, people that are
> still running 486 33s with 16 MB of RAM need to be realistic on what they
> can run compiled with all the defaults.  The implication there is that it

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