USER suggestions

I haven't fetched the 0.99.4 RPMS, I sure hope they cleanly upgrade
0.99.3, unlike 0.99.1 over 0.99.0.

1: (easy?) There is a 'Logout' button, as well as an iconless 'Shutdown
   or Reboot' menu entry. I would suggest subsuming both functions, and
   when the 'Logout/Shutdown/Reboot' button is pressed, it brings up a
   dialog to select one of the three. Perhaps the selections or
   availablity of selections should be configurable.

2: (harder) I've had a lot of trouble with the modem lights applet, so
   I've quit using it. The problems have been reported here. Still, of
   what's on the GNOME applet list, it's my dialer of choice. The
   ppp-dialer applet has no true status indicator - it only pays
   attention to its
   on state, and doesn't know if the link has gone down. Another
   thought might be to change the background color of the ppp network
   load applet. Have some different color when the link is down. That
   might be rather nice, especially on demand-dialing links.

3: (even harder) It seems to waste a lot of territory to use up a whole
   button slot on the panel, just for a drawer. The toolbar on OS/2 has
   a smaller button for the drawers, rather like the GNOME hide arrow,
   stacked on top of or beside (depending on orientation) of the regular
   buttons. That would be tougher on GNOME, since the panel is 'less
   gridded'. Perhaps hide arrows could be used, perhaps color-coded.

4: (yet harder) From the messages I've seen when GNOME tosses its
   configuration, it appears that the panel is building/configuring
   itself on startup. Shouldn't the build/configure only be done when
   building and configuring, and some simplified, more fixed process be
   done at startup?

Dale Pontius

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