Re: gtk_toggle_button_set_active function.

You may be looking in the wrong location for your Gtk+ headers; Gtk+
lost this function a while ago, but a compatibility entry was placed in
gtk/gtkcompat.h so that the older source code will still compile.

The old version is gtk_toggle_button_set_state, the new version is


On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Buch, Bill wrote:

> Hello all,
> 	I have Gtk+ 1.1.12 installed, and most of the applications works.
> But recently I have tried to compile the rest of the applications, such as
> the admin programs, balsa, and others.  Have these programs been updated to
> use Gtk+-1.1.12 and it's api?  I checked out the header file for the toggle
> button, and there is not gtk_toggle_button_set_active function, only
> set_state function.  So the question is, what do we need to change as far as
> the code goes?  Are there more updated versions of these programs?
> Thanks.
> Bill
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