Re: gnome-libs 0.99.4 with imlib 1.9.1

Thanks for the swift response =)O|

Andrey Slepuhin wrote:
> On 25-Jan-99 Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
> > Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> >>
> >> Hello Philippe,
> >>
> >>    As usual, thanks a lot for your detailed bug report on the
> >> compilation status of GNOME.  It is of great help.
> >>
> >>  > - powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.2.0, the -Wl,-bbigtoc is needed often
> >>
> >> How can we do this automatically with autoconf?  If you have any
> >> experience with this, please let me know so that we can put this
> >> by default for GNOME compiles.
> >
> > Is this with a libtool linked library?  If so, and if you can
> > supply me with a list of the platforms which exhibit this problem,
> > and at which point the linker needs the extra flags (for each
> > module; for the library link; for the final executable link;
> > whenever more than 9 libraries are listed etc.) I would be happy to
> > add this flag to link lines generated by libtool.
> Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether we need -bbigtoc
> linker flag before actual linking is done.  Always passing -bbigtoc
> is not a good solution too (I don't remember details, but this was
> discussed in egcs mailing list). So the only safe solution for
> automatic decision is to try link without -bbigtoc, then parse linker
> output and relink if needed. Not graceful :-(

Yuck!  Does this need to be done on a case by case basis?  i.e *every*
link needs to look for failure, and then retry with -bbigtoc?  Is this
true if ($host_os == aix*)?  What should we be looking for in the failed
ld output to determine that a -bbigtoc link should be tried?  Is it safe
to use the exit status of ld as an indicator that all went well, and
only parse the output if ($? != 0)?

It now seems even more like this is libtool's job...


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