Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

Just because Mexico's schools are going to use the GNOME 
project, it does not mean that the whole GNOME system should 
be around their systems and desires. This is just my 0.02 cents. 
There are always new technologies/innovations/advancements in 
the computer world which not all countries/projects can keep up 
with. And even if there are a million computers in Mexico running 
GNOME, I'm pretty sure there are a million other computers out 
Again, just my 0.02
> > agreed - I wrote the caching code for a good reason. people with extra
> > ram (which these days is cheap - what ? less than $1 per Mb ? thats for
> > 10ns SDRAM ?) can use ti to prevent cpu hogging - it works and works
> > well. I wish others woudl see this.
> Are you offering to pay the extra memory for a million machines?  
> What is that for an extra 16 megs of ram?  just sixteen million
> dollars in a third world country with economic problems?  Boy, I bet I
> can withdraw all that money from the teller machine now. 
> I will be happy to put you in contact with the people running the Red
> Escolar project. 
> Miguel.
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