Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow said:
// ->  // me too!  ->   ->  We all agree, but I think that mister "In the
// US, 1000000 PII 400 with  ->  256M RAM are sold each months, so don't
// bother me with your ridiculous  ->  100000 mexican 486", cares. ->   ->
//   Run E once, and you'll understand that bandwidth saving is
// definitely  ->  not his main problem :)

// It's not my fault E provides a lot of data and stuff with it. You
// don't have to download it if you don't want to. I have code to write,
// not everyones 2400baud modem to worry about.
Sorry for my bad english, I was not meaning bandwith but rather 

// If you have something
// constructive to say, say it in a conext diff. Code speaks louder than
// words. 
Yes, but remember that many guys here 
1) have a familly
2) work for non OSS company during day time. 

and help gnome dev in their spare time. Please think about that.


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