Re: gnome-libs and --disable-debug in the configure script

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Damo wrote:

> the subject is pretty much most of my message. when i do ./configure
> --disable-debug (or --disable-debug to be pedantic), instead of
> less debug messages (i dont think i got any before), i get more! all this
> stuff about various things clicked and activates. basically a much more
> verbose debug output. 

That's one of the more annoying quirks of autoconf.  Unless you go through
a lot of effort setting up the script, autoconf will
recognize both --enable-<feature> and --disable-<feature> as both doing
the same thing, toggling <feature> from the default behavior.  It leaves
it up to the configure script writer to set a default and list the correct
form of the option, and up to the person running configure to follow

> now call me crazy..,. but does this seem right?

It's certainly not perfect.  Autoconf is maintained by the Free Software
Foundation, I'm sure they'd love patches if you can give it saner
behavior, without wrecking anything.

Best of Luck,

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