Re: gnome-libs and --disable-debug in the configure script

Damo <> writes:

> the subject is pretty much most of my message. when i do ./configure
> --disable-debug (or --disable-debug to be pedantic), instead of
> less debug messages (i dont think i got any before), i get more! all this
> stuff about various things clicked and activates. basically a much more
> verbose debug output. 
> now call me crazy..,. but does this seem right?

If was not your fault, the configure script was broken.

I fixed this in CVS now.


Btw: It does not make any sense using `--disable-debug' since this is the
     default action - it only makes sense to use `--enable-debug' to enable
     more debugging output.

     After my commit, the `--disable-debug' parameter will do really nothing -
     just as it is supposed to do.

     This is a little bit different in glib and gtk+ where it is the default
     to enable at least a minimum of debugging.

   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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