Re: [WINDOWMAN] Re: GNU Window manager shortcut standard proposition

On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 05:51:26PM -0500, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Shift+Alt will conflict with Emacs and other application bindings when
> there is no Meta key. The three-modifier Control+Alt+Shift combination
> is unlikely to conflict however. That is why I originally proposed
> that all bindings should be available under _both_ Control+Alt+Shift
> _and_ Hyper (and whatever else the WM wants - the standard does not
> _forbid_ any extra bindings - but I do not want to see bindings that
> conflict with used or potentially used application bindings
> standardized). Also, the intention with Hyper is not just that random
> individuals will bind it, but to encourage OS and X11 distributors to
> bind Hyper to some suitable key when available.
>  - Maciej
Um, on my old keyboard on my PC I had one extra key, which I could bind to anything. I was lucky. I now have a windows keyboard which I bind Windows to Meta and Menu to Menu. This is all well and good for a PC.

What about those users with Sun, or SGI keyboards? What key do you plan on changing? Also on PPC Macs that run linux or bsd, these have lots of keys, but they have to already bind something to extra mouse buttons. Looking at this, adding another key (like Hyper) is a really Bad Idea(tm).

Frank Belew

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